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    Pregnant Woman Shoots Home Invader With AR-15

    A Florida woman who was 8-months pregnant saved her family when she shot a Home Intruder with her AR-15!!!!

    An 8-month pregnant woman in Florida killed a would-be robber with her legal assault weapon.  The incident happened in Lithia Florida, a town about 25 miles south of Tampa. Reports say two men broke into a home through the back door and started making demands. However, the robbers got more than they expected.

    The unidentified woman’s husband, Jeremy King shared how the events took place. King Told a local news station that around 9 pm Wednesday two masked men broke into his home carrying guns. When they entered the house they encountered King and His 11-year-old daughter. The intruders told King “Give me everything you got”. When King told them he didn’t have anything things got violent.

    The intruders started Pistol-Whipping King which caught the attention of his wife!

    Pregnant Woman Shoots Home-1When his wife came to see what all the noise was one of the intruders fired a shot her way. The wife retreated, with the robbers probably assuming she was hiding. Contrary to their belief she was retrieving the couples legally registered AR-15. The pregnant woman made her way back to where the man was beating her husband.

    King says they were still in the kitchen by the backdoor when the wife was able to get a good shot. Only one of the intruders was hit but it was enough to get the men out of the house. The man who was hit didn’t make it far as he died from his wound less than 200 ft from the home. The other robber ran as soon as his partner got shot and is still on the loose.

    The homeowner suffered injuries to his eye socket, sinus cavity and had to get stitches. Yet thanks to the actions of his pregnant wife King is still alive as is their 11-year-old daughter. The United States has had a bad relationship with assault rifles in the past with some calling for their ban. However situations like this show that they do serve a purpose in everyday life. A regular gun might have not scared the intruders enough to leave and may have encouraged a gun battle. Hearing/seeing an AR-15 has a different effect when it’s aimed at you.

    Seeing how Florida is a stand your ground state, it’s highly unlikely the woman will face charges.

    What do you guys think? Was the woman justified in using the AR-15? or was using an assault rifle a little overkill ( no pun intended)?

    Let us know your thought’s in the comments

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