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    Papoose, Ed Sheeran Shower Each Other With Praises At Knicks Game

    It’s always fun to see celebrities gush and shower each other with praises. For instance, a slew of famous personalities idolize Beyonce.  Others fall and trip over themselves when meeting the singer Rihanna. Turns out even celebrities go nuts over their favorite stars. Recently, rapper Papoose and Ed Sheeran shared a moment at a New York Knicks game. It came as a pleasant surprise to the Brooklyn rapper that Ed Sheeran enjoyed listening to his music. Maybe these two should put out a major collaboration.

    The Stars Shower Each Other With Praises

    knicks game
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    On Thursday, Papoose and Ed Sheeran met at each other at a New York Knicks game. The chance meeting became the best moment ever, given that the two are huge fans of each other. Furthermore, Papoose posted a video of their encounter on Instagram. The two just couldn’t stop with the endless praises.

    “I first discovered Papoose’s music and I’ve got a bit star-struck when I just met him and it’s an absolute pleasure. I think your wordplay is fantastic and phenomenal and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you. Everyone knows you’ve got fantastic wordplay. Everyone does,” Ed Sheeran said in the video. Returning a few compliments of his own, Papoose praised the UK singer’s “talent” in the captions.

    It goes without saying that the two certainly love each other’s work.

    Papoose & Ed Sheeran Sit Courtside At Knicks Game

    knicks game
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    Despite their chance encounter near the concession stands, both Papoose and Ed Sheeran sat separate from one other during the Knicks game. Though, the two bought good court-side seats. Not to mention there were surrounded by an entourage of their closest friends. Specifically, Ed Sheeran sat next to Chris Rock and Pete Davidson at the New York Knicks Vs. Cavaliers game. Pretty sure all three showered each other with praises as well.

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