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    Remy Ma And Papoose Welcome Baby Girl To The World!

    Remy Ma and Papoose announce the proud birth of their daughter, “The Golden Child“.

    Remy Ma is no stranger to strife. She had a mistrust of an insider within her circle, who is rumored to have performed petite theft. She then served seven years in 2008 for assault. Remy was then released to embark again immediately upon her music career after ripping apart the private prison system. After bearing her first son, she tried again with her husband Papoose. She had a miscarriage. Remy was told by physicians afterward that she would not be able to again conceive.

    With drastic but natural changes in her health regimen, Remy became pregnant! She was able to become pregnant with a process called IVF. They lovingly and proudly refer to their daughter as “the miracle child” for not being certain they would be able to have a child together. The child was born shortly before this Christmas on December 14, 2018. Congratulations Papoose and Remy!

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