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    Over 100 Latto Songs Leaked Online By Hackers

    Artists these days have to start protecting their unreleased music with their lives. That means safely storing your hard drive and not recording at studios you don’t have a relationship with. The reason that I say all of this, is because I’m tired of seeing my favorite artist’s music be leaked to the public. Atlanta rapper Latto is the newest victim of leaked music, and it’s quite the ugly scene.

    You Hate To See It

    Social media was caught by surprise last week when we were randomly gifted 130 leaked Latto. Immediately, Twitter detectives jumped to conclusions by claiming that Nicki Minaj was the culprit. A couple of weeks back, Latto publicly threatened to leak reference tracks to show that Nicki and her share the same writers. And the fact that this statement left Nicki speechless alluded to fans that she would be seeking revenge.

    As much as I don’t care for Nicki, I have to admit that this is a reach. I’ve seen Nicki struggling to operate an Instagram live, so I know damn well that she doesn’t know how to hack a computer. But whoever is responsible for doing the crime, intended to ruin female rap credibility. They wanted to fully discredit Latto’s rapping ability and almost succeeded.

    The only reason that the hackers didn’t get their desired outcome is that they leaked some of Latto’s best music. Besides Nicki’s stans, almost all the comments were positive. I saw so many uplifting compliments and people asking Latto to drop these unreleased tracks.

    Could Be Worse

    Hopefully, this is a learning lesson for Latto to be more careful with her music. This story had a decent outcome. We could’ve been looking at a different headline if those hackers were able to get into her iCloud gallery. So I’m glad it’s just music that got leaked.

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