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    Super Bowl LVI Predictions: Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Los Angeles Rams

    For anyone who loves football, this is the most exciting weekend of the entire season. With Super Bowl Sunday just days away many are beginning to predict and question the outcome. For some odd reason, there has been a pattern of Super Bowls where one in every five games have been blowouts. Many hope this game breaks that pattern; however, this seems to be a game that will be exciting. This game will go down as the game is won in between the trenches. The trenches are where the offensive linemen and defensive lineman play amongst each other, for those who may not comprehend the jargon. The skill positions seem to almost even each other out. Both defenses are stout, both have outstanding weapons on the outside, not to mention, talented quarterbacks. 

    Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, has been named the Comeback Player of the Year, as reported by CBS Sports . His receiver Ja’marr Chase beat out impressive rookie quarterback Mac Jones for Rookie of the Year. These two Bengals sit decorated as they take on arguably the most ferocious defense in all of football. The concern continues to come with the offensive line. The Bengals will have their hands full with an all-generation player in Aaron Donald. Donald is capable of destroying games as he’s done in the past. However, one would assume the Bengals understand this and will game plan accordingly.

    Fans ties to their favorite players in the Super Bowl

    Many have an emotional tie to this Super Bowl, not because it’s a bunch of people, favorite team, but because of the ties to the players. Burrow has become a fan a favorite over the past couple of years. Stafford had a hard time winning as a Detroit Lion and many believe he deserves to win a Super Bowl. Stafford is a future Hall of Famer so it would be unfortunate if he doesn’t secure at least one before he retires. Several people have a connection to Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. because of his troubled past. 

    If this game is close, the linemen will be the determining factor. Ultimately, I believe the Rams win this game, 24-17, on a game-winning drive led by Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. Odell Beckham Jr. will catch the game-winning touchdown on a goal-line fade defeated by Eli Apple. No, I’m no future teller, however, it’s something in my gut that leads me to believe this game will be one for the ages. 

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