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    New Orleans Saints Glenn Foster Jr. Dies In Police Custody

    New Orleans Saints Lose A Player

    Glenn Foster Jr., a player for the New Orleans Saints, was arrested for driving at twice the legal speed limit in a rural Alabama community. Ultimately, he found himself in jail where he allegedly harmed another prisoner in an altercation between them both. The prisoner he harmed is accused of stealing socks, according to ESPN.

    Later, Foster began to show signs of mental instability during a court hearing. The records show, the judge ordered an evaluation just hours before Foster mysteriously died in the police’s custody. Currently, seems to be a mystery of what exactly may have caused Foster’s death. The Alabama state police emphasized that they are still investigating.

    Foster’s parents admit Foster is diagnosed with mental problems. However, they emphasize how they fear their son may have not received proper care while in custody as well.

    “I can’t bring my son back, but we want the person responsible to face consequences,” said Sabrina Foster, his mother.

    “We demand justice for our son,” said Glenn Foster Sr., Foster’s father. “It’s unfair, inhumane, and simply wrong.”

    The Police’s explanation

    Foster was clocked driving a black Jeep Wrangler 92 mph in a 45 mph zone. The Jeep sped up to get away and officers in a nearby town had to spike the tires in order to slow Foster down, according to ESPN.

    Once stopped, Foster was then restrained and taken to Pickens County Jail. Foster was charged with reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and attempting to elude, the police stated.

    “He was in good health when we left him at the jail,” stated Reform Police Chief Richard Black on Wednesday.

    What happened from the time until his death has yet to be determined. The autopsy of Foster has been released; however, not much else has been determined. The facts remain, Foster was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around the age of 20; however, he’d been able to manage the illness before his arrest.

    Foster originally being from Chicago, he resided in Louisiana. He played two seasons for the New Orleans Saints at the defensive end. He appeared in 17 games in 2013 and 2014.

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