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    NBA YoungBoy Plans To Lie Low For 6 Months

    Some rappers need to escape the limelight to recharge and regroup themselves. In more severe cases, such as NBA YoungBoy facing serious jail time, staying off the Internet works best. It’ll be a while, though, before the LA-native goes back online. For now, the rapper has plans to lie low for a total of six months. That’s practically a whole year. Though, given his beef with Lil Durk and NLE Choppa, it’s clear to see that NBA YoungBoy doesn’t need the heat on him right now. In fact, it might just lengthen his jail sentence.

    NBA YoungBoy’s Producer Says Rapper Wants To Lie Low

    lie low
    via TMZ

    Sometimes it can be difficult for fans not to see their favorite celebrity interacting with them online. They just have to remember that it’s all for the best. Recently, NBA YoungBoy just dropped his new album Colors on Jan. 21, Friday. However, celebrations were cut short when the rapper shared some bad news. He decided to go off the grid and lie low for the better half of 2022. Clearly, he’s not off to a good start in the new year.

    Rather than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, the rapper’s producer, Jason “Cheese” Goldberg, broke the news to fans.

    “PSA: A select few songs probably (maybe) will drop from now until then but Top will not be seen or heard from into his album approximately #6months from now. We have some amazing songs for you thank you for everything #HealingTime #RockPeace #ForeverBro,” wrote Goldberg.

    Sounds like someone needs a much needed break.

                    NBA YoungBoy Facing Jail Time

    lie low
    via Reddit

    Furthermore, Goldberg’s message directs readily to NBA YoungBoy’s ongoing feud with Lil Durk and NLE Choppa. For days, fans have tried to piece together all the shots and disses that the rap stars have fired at each other. Making matters worse, the 22-year-old’s social media shenanigans have led people to accuse the rapper of making threats. Currently, NBA YoungBoy remains under house arrest for a pending case. Though, with people making accusations about him, it could only lengthen his jail sentence.

    Hopefully, the young rap star quickly finds his inner peace and continues to lie low for six months.



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