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    Youngboy Never Broke Asks Wendy Williams To Leave Him In Peace

    Being a celebrity has several perks. However, there’s also a multitude of cons to being in the public eye. For instance, our personal lives never stay private. In the end, someone always publishes some scandal or fabricates a story about a celebrity. Privacy is limited in this field. but some celebrities truly value their personal lives. Rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again attempted to get ahead of the media after photos of his pregnant girlfriend surfaced on the web. The rapper politely asked tv gossip Queen Wendy Williams to leave him in peace.

                Youngboy Never Broke Again’s Eighth Child

    via Consequence. net

    Some couples want to start a large family. Rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again definitely has a huge family, fathering several kids all by different women. The emcee’s family continues to grow as his girlfriend Jazlyn Michelle just became pregnant with their first child together. Currently, Youngboy Never Broke Again remains incarcerated but we’re sure he’s more than thrilled to hear the news. Furthermore, the pregnancy news comes as a surprise, considering that the two have an on-and-off relationship status. Nonetheless, Michelle will give birth to Youngboy’s eighth child. The rapper will have to pay child support for the rest of his life. It’s no wonder the news outlets can’t leave him in peace.

                The Rapper Politely Asks Wendy Williams To Leave Him In Peace

    via Hello Magazine

    Celebrities often face scrutiny for the wrongs they’ve done in their lives. Youngboy Never Broke Again certainly has his life under a magnifying glass. After news hit about his pregnant girlfriend, the rapper asked everyone to respect his privacy. Though, he specifically directed his comment at tv show host Wendy Williams.
    This past weekend, the rapper wrote a letter that reflected on being a bad father . The emcee noted that “he’s unable spend time with his children” due to being in and out of jail. Additionally, Youngboy politely asked Wendy Williams to reframe from airing out his personal business. Clearly, Youngboy doesn’t want the tv host talking about his children. Hopefully leaves the star to “suffer in peace”, though we doubt it.



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