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    My Favorite Color Brings His Girlfriend To Meet The Parents In “Mama’s House”

    For a new artist, it can be hard to break into the music scene. For one, brainstorming new material can be a difficult for an emerging artist. Though, My Favorite Color aka MFC is the master at producing new and innovative tracks. For the last few months, the East Coast Pittsburg native has been dropping new music like an atomic bomb. His quirky personality, humor factor and realness speaks volumes in each new track he releases. Not to mention, his unusual music videos come packed with tons of personality and relatability.

    His newest track “Mama’s House” certainly has plenty of personality. Taking on a life all its own, the song finds MFC in a key moment in our relationship where our lover just doesn’t respect our parents, especially our mother.

    The Parents Have To Love Our Partners

    Bringing our boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet our parents can be downright intimidating. Though, it signals a huge step in a relationship. Making that leap can either break or strengthen a relationship. Unfortunately for MCF, bringing his lover to “Mama’s House” turned out to be a bad idea.

    Furthermore, the music video for the new track find’s MFC trying to convince his mother that his significant other is Mrs. Right. However, the video features the artist’s lover being every bit the disrespectful girlfriend she can be. The love interest even dares to put her dirty shoes on his mama’s coffee table. Pretty sure MCF’s mother won’t want her over for a second visit. Nonetheless, the Rostrum Record’s artist newest track plays to that one relatable moment in our relationship where we all try to take things to the next level, but it backfires.

    My Favorite Color Never Fails At Dropping New Material

    Mama's House
    via HipHopSince1987

    When it comes down to it, My Favorite Color does the most, but only in the best possible way. The guy keeps those creative juices going. Additionally, MFC’s music video treatments come as equally entertaining and innovative. Furthermore, MCF’s “Mama’s House” may be ordinary sounding on paper. Though, the music video comes as a real surprise, as we find the rapper seemingly time-traveling back to the 90’s and giving us nostalgic vibes. Clearly, there’s no bounds to MCF’s musical genius. Be sure to keep up with the Pittsburg artist as he continuously puts out new music.

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