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    Mulan will not be how you remembered.

    I’m sad to say that we will not be singing to any original Mulan songs.

    Mulan, the live-action movie will be completely different from its predecessor. While the animated Mulan movie had music and a dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy, this live-action version will not. There are a lot of changes to the live-action movie, so let’s point a few of them out.

    Again, there will be no music.

    Sadly you won’t be able to revisit your childhood with classic Mulan songs. There will be no ” Reflection”, no “Honor to us all”, and no “Ill make a man out of you”, my personal favorite. Unfortunately, the new movie will not be a sing-a-long; so, fella’s, you won’t be singing ” A girl worth fighting for” to your dates.

    Mulan will not be how you remembered-1

    There will be no Mushu or villain, Shan-Yu.

    Yes, your favorite fire breathing, gong banging, smart mouth, red dragon name Mushu will not be in the movie.

    Mulan will not be how you remembered-2

    Mulan will not be how you remembered-3

    The only real reason why Mushu will not be in the movie is that the director, Niki Caro, wants a live-action feel. She wants the movie to be believable, and a talking dragon might not work. However, I don’t know if that makes sense, to have a no magic theme going on when the new villain will be a witch. You read that right, Shan-Yu the Hun leader will not be the antagonist this time. Instead, he will be replaced by a powerful witch played by, Gong Li. A lot of new changes.

    Mulan’s love interest will be changing as well.

    Mulan will not be how you remembered-4

    Apparently, it wasn’t enough to take Mushu out and change villains. It has been reported that Mulan’s commander and love interest will be change as well. Shane, will not be in the movie. He will be replaced by Chen Honghui, who will be a rival instead of a higher rank officer. Later on in the movie, those rival feelings become romantic feelings when Chen finds out that Mulan is a girl. Well, he’s not Shane, but I’ll give him a chance.

    It’s going be worrisome seeing all these changes to Mulan. I hope it works out in the end. Mulan is a classic movie, that all people from different ethnic backgrounds love and I’ll hate it if the live-action doesn’t get that love.

    If you like the changes or don’t like the changes make sure to comment below and lets us know. Mulan will be hitting theaters on March 21, 2020.


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