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    The Matrix storyline to be revived?

    The Matrix trilogy ended in a way that gave some closure to the story, but also in a way that left things open for a potential future tale. Could another movie in the series ever happen? Keanu Reeves says it’s possible. The actor says he’d be willing to return for another film in the series, as long as the writing and directing pair responsible for the original trilogy was willing to do so as well.

    The Matrix 4 isn’t exactly a movie that fans are begging for. Having said that, if it was announced that it was coming, people would certainly be interested. The original movie blew audiences away and while the sequels may not have been very good at recapturing that magic, we can’t exactly discount their impact on the movie business. The trilogy was huge and as a big screen spectacle, it was one of the biggest we had ever seen.

    One would think that Keanu Reeves, along with everybody else, had moved on, but Reeves tells Yahoo Movies UK that he’d be up fro returning as long as the people who created the franchise were the ones who continued it. Fans of The Matrix would probably agree. While any decision to make a fourth Matrix movie would likely be met with a great deal of skepticism, if the Wachowskis were the ones in charge of it, that would probably go a long way to defusing fan anger. If they have any inclination of exactly what happens next inside the Matrix, it would probably make for a decent enough film.

    Even Reeves himself admits that making another Matrix movie would be weird. While the story of the Matrix trilogy does leave the Matrix intact and thus still leaves a possibility of a future story open, at the same time the story of Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, would seem to be over. If there is another One someday, would they necessarily look like Keanu Reeves again or would they be somebody else?

    As bizarre as a sequel could be, the idea that people in stories don’t die is certainly an idea that many fans would agree with. The stories that we are attached to resonate with us and the characters that make up those stories feel alive. As long as we have the books or movies then they never really die either.

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