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    Marvel Universe Introduces Captain Marvel

    The Marvel Universe is at it again, and many believe that Capital Marvel will be the savior of Avengers 4.

    Since the debut of Avengers: Infinity War, many people have been waiting for more information to get further answers.  At the end credits, we see the effects from Thanos snap which kills off half of the universe population. Right before Nick Fury disintegrate before our very eyes he signals the epic superhero known as Captain Marvel.

    With the arrival of Capital Marvel is a strong twist, as she the most powerful character to be introduced in the Marvel Universe. Marvel has made some interesting twist to the storyline, as fans will have to understand Capital Marvel origin before we can get full answers to follow up to Infinity War.

    The trailer encompasses an individual know as Carol Danvers who is a secret agent. In addition, she’s a skilled pilot with tons of surprises. Further along, we see a young Nick Fury who is completely different from what we remember in the Marvel Universe. With so many storylines, and different variations from the Russo brothers were not sure what to expect.

    The Marvel Universe is going to continue to dominate the big screen for years to come with a whole new slew of characters being introduced.  Capital Marvel is due to hit theaters on March 8th, 2019. Afterwards, the follow up to Infinity War will hit the big screen to finish the legendary saga of Avengers.

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