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    Adele Releases Long Awaited Album, 30, And She’s Thriving

    25 Going on 30!

    After six years of waiting, Adele announced Wednesday on Instagram that her latest album, 30, will be released on Nov. 19. In fact, she revealed that fans are in for something new. The singer went on to post about the album and how this was a complicated process. However, this a turning point in where she has not felt more peaceful in her life.

    “I’ve discovered truly beneficial and positive mindsets to guide me, and now I feel like I’ve regained my sense of contentment. I can confidently say that I’ve never felt more serene in my entire life,” she expressed.

    “And so, I’m ready to finally put this album out.”

    Adele acknowledges her friends that were by her side throughout the making of the album. Moreover, they became the people she could depend on during the “most turbulent period of her life.”

    “My incredibly wise friend, always offering the best advice… The friend who would stay by my side all night, holding my hand as I cried uncontrollably, even when I didn’t understand why,” the singer expressed in her post.

    “And then there’s that friend who, regardless of everything, kept checking up on me even though I had stopped doing the same because I was overwhelmed by my own sorrow.”

    “Easy On Me,” The 30 Album’s First Single

    With the release of her forthcoming album, 30, Adele gave fans what they wanted and announced Friday, Oct. 15, her album’s first single, “Easy On Me.”

    “I was young, unable to experience the world around me fully, with no opportunity to make deliberate choices about my path, so please be understanding,” she sings.

    With an upcoming album next month, fans of the singer can expect a collection that reflects growth, happiness, and Adele’s personal transformation.

    “I have painstakingly reconstructed both my home and my heart since then, and this album tells that story,” she shared.

    Behind The Lyrics

    The singer opens up on her latest single. Some consider it a reflection of her life, son, and separation from now ex-husband Simon Konecki. The divorce was finalized in 2019, and the song signifies a time of healing for the artist.

    In the music video, Adele is last looking around an empty house that she last recorded, “Hello,” and now picking up her suitcase and leaving. The moment she realized it was time to move on.

    “You can’t deny how hard I tried, I changed who I was to put you both first but now I give up,” she sings.

    Adele had done so much for her partner’s happiness and not knowing how important it was to understand her true worth. Now, she has created a song and an album to resemble the change and strength to keep going. A reflection of not a mistake, but a start to a new chapter.

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