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    Lil Wop Says He’s No Longer Transitioning to Female

    Rapper Lil Wop, once set on embracing a full transgender identity, makes a U-turn three months later. He announced on Instagram shifting gears, opting out of gender transition surgery. The plan now: donning women’s clothing and identifying as gay.

    Lil Wops Interesting Journey

    Born Louis McPherson, Wop kickstarted a rap journey in 2012. He dropped mixtapes and singles that carved a niche. Hailing from Chicago, their dark, gritty style and edgy lyrics drew a devoted following, landing them in hip-hop’s spotlight.

    Legal tangles, like many drug-related arrests, haven’t stifled Wop’s music-making. They’ve emerged as a captivating voice in the genre. Chatting with “Say Cheese TV,” Lil Wop didn’t hold back about their attraction to both sexes.

    With a penchant for feminine men, they voiced a preference for women. Bisexual revelation landed in 2022 via explicit OnlyFans posts. Wop shared video snippets featuring two women and a man, glammed in glitter.

    Though the videos vanished, captions linger online. Recent days have seen Lil Wop embrace an X-rated online persona. Risqué snapshots with female friends made rounds, girlfriend’s name popping up.

    Controversy brewed as images showcased both scantily clad. Taking a musical breather, Lil Wop’s upcoming project is under wraps. While no release date’s dropped, hints of new music tease fans.

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