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    LGBTQ+ Rappers Embracing Fem-Boy Season

    The fem-boy season has caused a whole new wave of LGBTQ+ artists to come out to break down barriers in the rap game. From rappers who grew up with a gay dad to women who don’t hide their sexuality in music, many artists are taking bold steps to represent the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some rappers that are unapologetic in their sexuality.


    Bisexual singer Chika isn’t afraid to be “explicitly queer” in her songs and videos. She doesn’t hesitate to delve into topics like sexuality, relationships, and body image in her music. She’s part of a generation of artists who aren’t afraid to express their identities publicly. Her work is frequently played on Logo, a US cable channel geared toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

    Lil Wop

    Hip-hop artist Lil Wop has always been open about his sexuality, but he recently went a step further. The Gucci Mane-signed rapper has casually announced that he’s bisexual, and the news has received mixed reviews from fans on Instagram.

    Known initially as Louis McPherson, Lil Wop became a rising star in the rap game when he signed with Gucci Mane on his label 1017. After his emergence, Wop quickly racked up major hits such as “No Heart,” “Lost My Mind,” and “Like A Savage,” all of which have since been certified platinum.

    Young M.A

    In addition to her soaring vocal talents and lyrical prowess, M.A. has a keen sense of sonic composition. Often seen as a pioneer for LGBTQ+ rappers, M.A. is a big reason why the genre’s popularity has grown over the last decade.

    Her sonic capabilities are matched by her innate sense of storytelling and self-awareness. This combination makes M.A. a force in the LGBTQ+ rap scene, and her debut album OOOUUU in 2017, was a massive hit.


    The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 finalist came out as transgender and nonbinary in an emotional Instagram post this March, addressing her ongoing journey with sexuality. She hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

    While she didn’t necessarily reveal her name in the coming-out video, the singer did tell her fans that she is bisexual and is in a relationship with another woman. She added that she doesn’t consider herself a “queer” woman but does not want labels and pronouns to dictate her identity.

    Other rappers that have embraced their identity include Lil Uzi Vert, 070 Shake, Princess Nokia, and much more.

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