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    Lil’ Dave Dave’s 5 Pro Tips To Help You Make It In The World Of Music

    The world of music is a vast arena, and with more and more people showing interest in music, that world has never been more crowded. As a budding musician, what do you do to bring your music to the world? Well, here are 5 pro tips shared by Lil’ Dave Dave that will help you make a mark in the music world.

    Don’t be afraid to be original

    Often people dread originality. Businessmen especially are afraid to try something new, especially if they feel they have chanced upon a winning formula. Luckily, it’s changing a little bit. Lil’ Dave Dave suggests upcoming musicians “keep their originality intact. In the bustling music market of today, that’s the only thing that will help you get noticed. Originality is not about being great but about bringing a new perspective into the world through your music.”

    Know the background of your art form

    It may not seem important to know the history of your art, but that’s something that’s a more recent phenomenon. And as far as Lil’ Dave Dave goes, “serious musicians are very well-informed individuals who know the soul, history, and progression of their music like the back of their hand. Practically too, it helps to know the story of your art form as it can feed into what you create and help you bring something new into the world while keeping the old fires burning.”


    For Lil’ Dave Dave , an experiment is the heart of music. He says, “Experimentation allows you to push the limits of your creativity. It takes you to places that are hidden because no one’s ever been there yet. It allows you to find new connections and new frequencies and put them all together to create an altogether new sound. And this new sound is something that people of all ages yearn for.”

    Collaborate with care

    Artists often collaborate. However, it’s foolhardy to collaborate with anyone you come across. Lil’ Dave Dave says, “Collaborations can work wonders as they can enhance the quality of your output and even ease the stress a bit that can come from consistent solo creation. An ideal place for a young musician to be is one where he or she is as consistent with solo work as they are with collaborations as it allows them to see how other people approach work and learn from their insights.”

    Spend time making music

    There are many benefits to social media. As an artist, you are sure to have explored at least some of the most popular ones. However, for all its pros, there are also cons, chief among them is the fact that the world of social media can reel you to such a degree that it may rob you of the time you should spend creating music. Lil’ Dave Dave adds, “Don’t get caught up with plug-ins and marketing gimmicks. They are essential, but they aren’t the soul of your work. So make sure to spend a few hours each day with music, to create, practice, and altogether meditate upon your art.”

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