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    Life’s Unpredictable Challenges Bred Greatness With Sean Kiez

    Meet Houston Rapper, Sean Kiez!

    From being the ultimate entertainer like Michael Jackson to playing piano at his grandmother’s house, music has played a vital part for rapper Sean Kiez. The Houston artist is ready to show what he can in the rap music industry. He also seeks to prove that he is unmatchable.

    “I had a granddad who was a stroke victim,” Kiez says. “I would entertain him because he could not talk. Right. So I would go into the front room, grab the broom, and dance like I was Michael Jackson just to make him laugh.”

    Kiez, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has created music for a few years. Until recently, he worked on music but started dropping his records when the pandemic started. It was the time for creating content and ultimately shaped his rap career.

    Experiences Inspired By Life’s Up And Downs

    Through Kiez’s delivery of a soulful sound with a mix of truthful lyrics, the artist draws listeners in from a place inspired by life’s ups and downs. It was an escape for the rapper, and Kiez has proven he is nothing short of an uprising recording artist.

    With his latest single, “Show Up Show Out,” featuring Raphael Rj2 and DougieTheDon, Kiez expresses the power of knowing one’s worth and not letting anyone stop one’s shine.

    “It is about dimming your light,” Kiez added. “Some people will put you in a box and some people like to categorize people and you know, deep down, that you are better than whoever else that tried to attack you, your energy, your spirit, your self-esteem.”

    “Timeless, Motivational, And Real”

    As Kiez faces obstacles in life, those challenges have shaped him into who he is today. His timeless, motivational, and realness behind his music, the rapper’s experience is something that can not be missed. His motto is, “to keep moving and be the best you that you can be.”

    “Sometimes the one that’s hindering you from growing do it because they sabotage themselves and have not figured out who they are and are scared to be great,” Kiez unfolded during the interview.

    “But they do not want you to realize your greatness.”

    With some of his all-time favorite songs, “Addicted” and “Scared Money,” Kiez does a well-done job of portraying his greatness and does not let anyone take that away from him especially now in his rap career.

    Making His Family Proud

    Kiez is inspired to make his daughter, mother, and family happy about the person he has become—the definition of not giving up through all adversity.

    “I want my family to be proud,” Kiez says. “Give them inspiration to be great because I am the definition of not giving up through all adversity.”

    Be sure to follow  Sean Kiez’s musical journey on Instagram, YouTube or Spotify.


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