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    Sophia Dashing: Independent Music’s Upcoming Sweetheart

    Dominated by the genres of country and blues, Georgia is home to many artists. This includes artists who are on the rise. With an approximate population of 6 million in the music capital of Atlanta alone. Georgia has become the epicenter for various festivals and for the music scene as well. Now there is a wave of upcoming artists who are fighting to be noticed by their talents. HypeFresh had the chance to catch up with singer, dancer, and songwriter Sophia Dashing.

    Who is Sophia?

    Since a young age, Dashing has always shown an interest in music, especially with songwriting.

    “This was an easy decision because I’ve been dancing since I was six years old.”

    To this day the music industry continues to grow, it accumulated $1.5 billion in sales in the U.S alone. It’s always working constantly around the new forms of media and technology just to sustain itself.

    And part of the form of survival, children are often used as vessels in the industry and are taught the ropes of the industry in preparation for what awaits them in the future.

    As well as being signed into various performing agencies around Atlanta, while dancing on national television and singing in local choirs. For Sophia Dashing, music wasn’t her only passion. Moreover, fashion is something she wanted to pursue as a career. She even moved to France to study arts and fashion.

    “I pursued fashion during my teenage years before I progressed more in my music. Kinda like how Rihanna and other celebrities have been with creating businesses they’re passionate about,” Dashing told HypeFresh.

    But sadly, during the beginning of the pandemic, Dashing moved back to the United States to find her passion in music and pursue it full time.

    LGBTQ+ Representation

    “Having bigger visibility of celebrities in [the LGBTQ+] community has really driven acceptance of it,” says Adam Hollmann, MU senior and co-host of Do Re Mi U and Music. 

    Additionally, the presence of people from the LGBTQ+ community have always been there, especially in music. In this modern age, queer and transgender people are playing a substantial role. Although lesbian, queer, or trans folks are not often celebrated for their contributions. Sadly sexism, homophobia, and racism still prevail in society and the people belonging to this community have suffered throughout history. Still their livelihood prevails in the music they’ve left behind.

    “With just being involved in the LGBTQ community and celebrating it by having one of my first performances next year which will be at Atlanta Pride. I’m super excited about it, a pride festival in my hometown. I’ve been going to it since I was sixteen years old and is becoming a surreal moment,” said Sophia Dashing.

    Independent Music On The Rise

    Chance The Rapper arguably becoming the first independent artist, according to The Guardian. Since his rise to fame, it has become more evident that many artists are going to the route of independence from record labels, as said by Chance “it’s a dead industry”. But many still follow the traditional route because it secures a path to success in such a competitive career. For Sophia Dashing, it’s much more than living for the moment. She’s the complete creative director in all of her creations.

    “I direct my music videos and write my own music.”


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    She also plans on helping other independent artists on her way to the top.

    “I described myself as a humanitarian, I wanna do as much as I can. One day when I get signed I would love to help other independent artists.”

    Her music speaks for itself. Recently Sophia released a single called “way i”, relating to a yearning desire in a relationship.

    “I caught feelings for someone who was stimulating me intellectually, and we have progressed so much in the relationship. But the lack of physical touch and the longing desire of wanting to take it to the next level.”

    The Georgia native told HypeFresh about the meaning with her song “way i”. In the near future, Sophia would love to collaborate with artists such as Rihanna, Britney Spears, and many other artists.

    If you would like to check out more from Sophia, go to her SoundCloud, Instagram, and Spotify.


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