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    Leading Songs To Add To Your Playlist EP 2

    We remain committed to featuring the finest tracks/videos from the underground. We search extensively to bring you our weekly list.The midwinter cold is harsh, but we can warm you up with pop favorites from the past week that you can fill your playlist with and enjoy.

    Samantha – “Crime Spree” 

    The American artist shows time and time again what a brilliant artist and songwriter she is. It feels almost impossible for Samantha to release a bad song. Her newly released single, “Crime Spree,” is no exception. Bright and direct pop caramel.

    Peter $un – “Tryna Figure Things Out”


    You discover how much you’ve neglected specific artists when you hear them again after far too long a break. That’s how it was when Peter $un released the new single “Tryna Figure Things Out,” which incorporates perfect emotions and has a good voice and lovely arrangement with all the conditions to become a global hit.

    Stian Aamodt – “Without You”

    “Without You” is a song interwoven with dreamlike pop and warm synths, and soaring vocals. It’s like being thrown back to the 90s, and the music scene Stian Aamodt created at that time is very comfortable to listen to over and over again.

    Alexander Reign – “Resurrection”

    Beautiful pop by Alexander Reign with the new single “Resurrection,” Delusions, Illusions. Very nice soundscape with playful synths and arrangements. Definitely, a song that makes you happy and boosts energy throughout your body.

    WITH – “Here We Go”

    Emerging singer-songwriter WITH recently released a stunning new melancholy electropop single with pulsating production that smells like smoke. “Here We Go” is a song that hits all the right buttons in both presentation and feel.

    Chon – “Rewind” (Feat. Popalmond)

    Chon persists in impressing with her pop songs, and the new single “Rewind” (Feat. Popalmond) is no exception. It becomes emotional and honest when the singer sings to connect with herself and others through her music.

    Digvalley – “I Had You”

     Bergen-based singer and songwriter Digvalley recently released a new single titled “I Had You,” with a lovely retro-scented pop ballad with sparkling synths and a production seasoned with electric guitars typical of the 80s. It’s a love ballad with an extra shimmer of neon-colored light. Wonderful pop!


    YSO X AAKASH recently released their mesmerizing new song, “QUIT CALLING,” along with a captivating music video premiering on December 9th. Listen to the last note, where they style with an exquisite vocal range. YSO X AAKASH powerfully and explosively shows what genre they should be dealing with and makes it almost ridiculously easy.

    Lotti – “Casualty”

    Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lotti recently released a stylish new single entitled “Casualty.” With her beautiful voice and soul/R&B touch, Lotti is a highly respected musician. Hence, it will be exciting to see if her future releases give her the push she deserves. Regardless, the single “Casualty” is touchingly beautiful.

    Chris Bloom – “GYMFAU”

    Chattanooga-raised artist Chris Bloom recently released a new single titled “GYMFAU.” It’s a perfect mix of powerful electro instrumentation and memorable lyrics in one song incorporated in an emotional introduction that explodes into pulsating bass and pop. Chris Bloom impresses us immensely with the single “GYMFAU.”

    Deciwave – “Project 14”

    Deciwave is one of my favorite New Zealander pop singers and songwriter, and he recently released a stunning new single titled “Project 14.” This artist crafts an impressive pop song with captivating rhythms, evoking strong emotions and a memorable melody.

    DAVIDD – “Addicted to Love”

    DAVIDD has reached new heights with his artistry. Emerging Memphis R&B artist DAVIDD’s latest is the contemporary/Indie R&B single “Addicted to Love,” where soft synths and catchy melody create magic for dance floors and playlists. The sound image is spot-on; I’m madly fond of the thoughtful touch. 

     Logan Thomas – “Make You Proud”

    After the first listen, I was hesitant. At the second, the song started to grow, and finally, the third time I liked it, I have to admit that the chorus was like a damn bubblegum. Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Logan Thomas released “Make You Proud” as a tribute to her sister, who passed away hoping to live her life to the fullest like she never got to. “I want her to be proud of what I’ve done with my life.”

    UG – “Run It Back”

    Proficient rap artist UG recently released a new single titled “Run It Back,” which has captured the attention of many with this underground and enigmatic track. The new single is a song that feels like it was born for the underground club scene and the lyrics and vocals have a raw and unpolished quality that adds to the track’s underground vibe

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