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    King Charles III’s Coronation Concert & The Impact of Great Britian

    King Charles III’s Coronation Concert

    The crowning of Charles III and his wife Camilla brought the royals together with celebrity guests. 

    Katy Perry, the global ambassador of the Prince’s Trust, was the leading performer for a crowd of over 20,000 people. Other musical acts included maestro Andrea Bocelli and Sir Bryn Terfel.

    Celebrities like fashion designer Stella McCartney and Cold Feet actor James Nesbitt were also in the spotlight.

    This night was one to remember, hosted by Hugh Bonneville, the Paddington and Downton Abbey actor. The most entertaining segment was when Kermit and Miss Piggy came on stage. The duo were a welcome addition to the mix of stars.

    Along with some of Britain’s most notable singers and musicians, those gathered in Westminster Abbey for the coronation were political leaders, royalty, aristocrats, religious dignitaries, and representatives from organizations the King supported. The crowd was joined by Charles’ two sons, daughters-in-law, their children, and some of his siblings.

    As the royal procession made its way from the palace to the abbey, many people lined the streets for a chance to see Charles and Camilla in their gilded carriages. The couple was greeted by a massive parade of military and ceremonial units, which included the largest parade since Charles mother’s coronation in 1902.

    Those watching from the comforts of their home were treated to a special live show of the event. It was overwhelmingly amazing how many acts came together to celebrate this coronation.

    The duo shared funny anecdotes about their friendship with the King between performances and showed off some of his heirlooms. The show also featured video messages from Tom Cruise and more celebrities and some of the King’s favorite animals.

    Criticism of the King Charles III’s Coronation Concert

    Excellent performances aside, this whole Coronation has people questioning the symbol of Great Britain.

    As the British crown’s coronation makes headlines,

    let’s not forget the Kohinoor diamond was stolen from India.

    It’s important to remember that the Pyramids remain in Egypt due to their immense weight, making it impractical to transport and exhibit them in the Tower of London. #cornationconcert

    — Rasool Panjaa (@RasoolPanjaa) May 8, 2023

    Carnation day. King Charlrs do not forget the monarch crimes and Africa. British concentration camps in Kenya, and recent memory, 1952 to 1960 in the name of Queen Elizabeth.

    — Don Salmon (@dijoni) May 7, 2023

    Majority of young people are 78% do not care about the British monarchy. Down with the British corrupt royal monarchy,

    — Black diaspora Voice. (@BlackdiasporaV1) May 7, 2023


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