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    Kanye West George Floyd Comments Result In Lawsuit

    As a fan, you don’t need to defend your favorite music artist’s questionable decisions. It’s strange why people still support Kanye West, as every time he’s mentioned, it’s bad news. He always manages to say something more controversial, and his recent comments on George Floyd’s death were the last straw for many.

    Ye recently appeared on Revolt’s TV “Drink Champs” podcast. It seemed odd to me since he was already on the show last year, and there was no new music or press run. So, if I knew that, the producers must have known too. It looks like N.O.R.E. and Drink Champs brought him on purposely to create controversy with his statements.

    Makes No Sense

    During the interview, the topic shifted to George Floyd’s murder by officer Derek Chauvin. Ye shared a conspiracy theory that fentanyl, not excessive force, caused his death. It’s hard to comprehend why he would say something so ignorant, especially with video evidence of Floyd’s last moments.

    Talking Out His Ass

    Life is full of choices, and actions have consequences. Alex Jones paid millions for spreading false rumors about Sandy Hook victims. Mr. West is now facing a lawsuit for similar reasons. George Floyd’s family is suing him for $250 million for lying, even though he supported Floyd’s daughter and marched with BLM. It’s hypocritical, and he deserves the consequences for his words.

    Why can’t Kanye use his fame for good? He said some wild things in the interview that got it removed from all platforms. “Drink Champs” isn’t real journalism just because they have a podcast. Kanye should focus on his school and do something positive for those kids who need him more than the public does.

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