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    Kanye West Can’t Stop Laughing At Meek Mill On Clubhouse

    Hopefully, there will be a day when the majority of men go back to spending their time more productively. Because it seems like men these days spend most of their time on silly social media apps like Clubhouse. Continuing his reign of terror, Kanye West went viral over the weekend for his disrespectful comments about Meek Mill.

    First of all, why is Kanye even doing interviews on Clubhouse? Oh wait, it’s because he’s banned essentially almost everywhere. So this is one of the few platforms that are still tolerating him. But the madness all took place after a moderator asked Ye his thoughts about BLM and him wearing WLM merch. Without even thinking before speaking, the disrespect immediately ensued.

    Laughing Out Loud

    You can tell this struck a nerve in him, because before he answered, he couldn’t fathom people having the audacity to check him about it. One of those people he mentioned was rapper Meek Mill. Kanye couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea that Meek would even attempt to question him, let alone speak to him, which caused him to burst into laughter. Not any type of laughter, but in an ultra-disrespectful manner.

    Waiting On Opportunity 

    None of this news surprised me, because Kanye always brings up Meek’s name. Isn’t this the same person who was crying about Meek smashing his wife? This is just pent-up aggression, and Clubhouse presented him with the opportunity to publicly disrespect him.

    And just because Meek is the social media’s punching bag, doesn’t excuse Kanye’s behavior. It’s kind of like how it’s acceptable to make fun of your friends & family, but if something else does it, they might get dealt with.

    I don’t understand why Kanye would belittle Meek Mill like he’s a scrub. He may not be as famous as Kanye or even as rich. One thing that he can’t take away from Meek is that he gives back to his community, where he was raised. I cannot say the same for Mr. West.


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