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    Lil Baby & Meek Mill Urges Black Community To Get Help

    It’s a known fact that America cuts off resources to the black community that would be otherwise available to white people. Though, knowledge is power. Rappers Lil Baby and Meek Mill recently released a PSA to encourage black people to invest in their finances and receive therapy. The two emcees just want to uplift the black community.

    Lil Baby Encourages Us To Save Our Money

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    When it comes celebrities, most are willing to give back to the community. Lil Baby, for one, shared a nugget of wisdom with fans on July 19 on Twitter about investing our money. The “How It Feels” rapper explained that while stars achieve success, they don’t always save their money. “We Gotta Stop Spending It Faster Than We Getting’ It . . . Save ya money, It will save you,” the rapper wrote with emojis. He speaks the truth. Lil Baby eventually spoke to the black community, garnishing over 20K likes in an hour from fans. Clearly, that’s a message everyone needs to hear.

     Meek Mill Urges The Black Community To Take Their Mental Health Seriously

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    Additionally, Meek Mill taped into his inner philanthropist and offered some helpful advice to fans. On Monday, the “Pain Away” rapper tweeted to his thousands of followers that “we need to make therapy cool for the black community.” Furthermore, the Philly emcee firmly believes that seeking counsel can be beneficial to our mental health in the long run. Though, it’s unclear whether or not he himself has visited a therapist.

    Nonetheless, fans had plenty to say on the matter of affording mental healthcare. Many of them noted that therapy should be made available to everyone. More importantly, therapists should provide more reasonable prices. One fan tweeted, “@MeekMill you mean affordable because therapists dead be charging $150 – $300/hr if you don’t have insurance AND the sessions be like 45 minutes, not even the full hours.” It’s always a refreshing change of pace when rap stars take the time to help out the black community. Kuddos to Meek and Lil Baby for encouraging people to save their money and get therapy.

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