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    Jullian Boothe continues his reign as a ‘KING MAKER’ in music

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    Some people are born with the gift of instinct.

    Possessing the ability to see elements of life no one else can is a divine gift. Understanding a person’s inner strengths and weaknesses requires unparalleled human instincts. Believing in another person’s dreams during its infancy stages requires panoramic vision, an iron stomach, and marathon runner endurance. Visionaries are always in a mental war with the present and future. Their mind is a revolving door of change, refinement, and evolution. Developing generational talent is reserved for supreme beings only. Supreme beings live in their own universe and always walk by faith, not sight. Music impresario Jullian Boothe views life through an esoteric and complex lens powered by undeniable passion.

    Jullian Boothe is a natural-born ‘KING MAKER.’

    Jullian Boothe’s career in music reads like a Jerry Bruckheimer ‘Bad Boys’ film: never-ending action, fast cars, exotic women, endless work, and a relentless pursuit of greatness. His day begins at 4:00 am eastern standard time daily and ends when everything is accomplished within his mind. Also Jullian Boothe’s disciplined, meticulous approach to life enables him to possess an unrivaled beast-mode mentality.

    When you discover one of the 10th wonders in music, which is ‘Pitbull’, you are certified as a genius. Identifying future icons in music demands Championship DNA and animal ambition. Jullian Boothe’s name rings across the world, from Hollywood to Love & Hop-Hip Miami. From the boardroom to the block Jullian Boothe was born to create KINGS and EMPRESSES in entertainment.

    Jonathan P-Wright is a senior writer for HYPEFRESH and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.

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