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    Jay Wheeler Comes Ahead With His Album ‘Emociones’

    As described by the artists, the production became “an emotional mess” because of its diversity in genre. During his last displays, we heard a melodic voice captivating many followers. Jay Wheeler now gives life to his fifth production which includes 19 songs.

    For many reasons, the album is classified as one of his most important projects.

    “I describe it literally as the name of the album, one full of emotions because it has everything. I didn’t dedicate myself to having something specific like on the album ‘El Amor y yo’. This album is a trail of emotions. You can listen to it and feel joyful, and happy, you’re going to cry, it has everything. I call it the emotional drive”, said the artist.

    One of his collaborations for the album called ‘Suelta’ with artist Mora has now surpassed more than 25 million listeners on Spotify. At only 28 years this Wheeler has shown his versatility, especially with the uniquely known Dominican genre of ‘Dembow’. Jay Wheeler also collaborated with self-proclaimed “King of dembow”, El Alfa.

    Creative Involvement

    Jay Wheeler also explained to the local Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día the fact that he had to study the genre that derives from Reggaeton itself stating, “It’s super complicated, I have a lot of respect for the ‘dembow’, for the music of the Dominican Republic and for what its artists are. A big person from the DR told me that El Alfa wanted to do a job with me, but he explained that he didn’t want to do anything. So I studied dembow, it took me a long time and, nothing, he loved it.”

    He also explains how all of his projects he’s been completely involved. From the creative process, production, and even the lyrics. As part of this Jay Wheeler has also worked as an executive producer on different projects of his colleagues as well as new talent.

    “I like my role as a producer because I am part of an art that is different from mine. In the projects of other colleagues and other kids who are singing and just starting out, I appreciate it more.”

    With this launch, Jay Wheeler is set to do a series of concerts in Puerto Rico 6, 7, 13, and 14 of October which all are currently sold out.

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