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    Jason Lee Of Hollywood Unlocked Leaves Viacom

    Jason Lee No Longer Tied to Viacom

    ViacomCBS has terminated its contract with media sensation Jason Lee after his several public disputes with the network.

    Moreover, Lee expressed his disappointment with the executives who tried to force him to portray a stereotypical gay Black man. In fact, anyone that has followed his career knows that Lee has worked hard to set himself apart.

    Mr. Hollywood Unlocked credits his successful departure from Viacom to Mona Scott Young. The Love and Hip Hop franchise creator helped him get released from his Viacom contract.

    “It’s a little win in a bigger battle,” said Lee. “Anyone at a network not promoting inclusion at all levels and feeling used to perpetuate conflict in our culture should reflect on themselves.”

    Hollywood Unlocked Breaks Down The Problems in His Contract

    Lee highlighted that Viacom CBS tried to censor him to the point that it was disrespectful to the brand he has built. Moreover, he couldn’t wrap his mind around the network, trying to limit his creative freedom.

    “They actually added a clause in my contract, saying they could sue me for $2 million if I speak negatively about the network. But hey, I’m a media company myself,” he argued. “You can’t silence me just to come on your show and disrespect my own community. That’s insane! So, I told them straight up, ‘No, I won’t return under a gag order. I’ll report what I see, when I see it, and how I see it, openly and honestly.”

    The fact of the matter is, Lee stands firm on what he believes in. He has already forged a path forward on his journey of positively impacting the culture. Best of luck to Jason Lee.


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