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    J. Alphonse Nicholson Paves New Ways Through Television

    J. Alphonse Nicholson is emerging talent that just won’t let up. He is making his way through television, by way of acclaimed role on P-Valley. If you do not have Starz on your streaming list, then what are you really doing? P-Valley is a riveting and sobering show that follows strippers in The Mississippi Delta. There are levels! Each character shares their own story, including that of Lil’ Murder and Uncle Clifford. They are some tea, for real. J. Alphonse Nicholson plays the role of Lil’ Murder, local rapper and Uncle Clifford’s lover. Although the role is sparking hateful debates, the writers and characters are all here for it. According to Yahoo!, Nicholson responds to Florida rapper Plies about his comments towards his co-star Nicco Annan aka Uncle Clifford. Plies: “I’m really traumatized! Man why y’all ain’t give me a tutorial on “P-Valley“, I heard the show doing well, so congrats to everyone involved but I wasn’t ready for all dat!”

    J. Alphonse Nicholson Claps Back and Secures A New Role

    Evidently, J. Alphonse ain’t no punk. In the video, Plies speaks on Annan’s weight, “Lil Murda in the mf***** bed with 300 pounds of pressure.” J. Alphonse responds, “It’s interesting because he knew every character’s name, knew exactly what they said, and so you wonder, are people traumatized?”

    In more news, the reluctant actor is accepting new roles and doing his thing! According to Deadline, Nicholson is signing on to star alongside Neal McDonough in a sports drama, Black Spartans. This drama will tell the story of America’s first integrated football team during the 1060s. Relax guys, it’s a straight role(Shaking our heads).

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