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    Lizzo Shines Along With The Cast Of Her New Show

    Women’s History Month 2022 will end with the premiere of superstar Lizzo’s new reality television show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. Lizzo is characteristically charismatic, bubbly, and thoroughly enchanting as she sets out on her quest to find her future dancers. Lizzo and her team of entertainment professionals make it clear that they are scouting for participants with the same competitive edge that any dance competition is searching for, but their methods are uncommon.

    In fact, the show will surely shock anyone who is familiar with the formula for reality TV, which became popularized in the early 2000s.

    In the world of reality TV, it’s extremely rare to witness a curvy or larger woman portrayed positively. That’s even in just media in general! [In] TV shows growing up, we’ve been mocked. We haven’t been the lead role, [cast as someone who] accomplish[es] great things. So, this is really ground breaking and I think Earth-shattering to have this opportunity.” 

    Lizzo and the other judges attempt to coax greatness out of contestants with support, positive-reinforcement, and unconditional love. When asked about how the group can correct what they are “lacking” during auditions the choreographer responds, “You’re not ‘lacking’. You are you, you are beautiful; but can you go harder? Yes.”

    Lizzo knows that negative chatter can seem constant, and that it can hamper greatness. Nevertheless, she encourages her try-outs to overcome hateful words and outdated belief systems. “Tell them to shut up, even if it’s yourself.” She wants as many voluptuous ladies as possible to work their “ass on!” 

    “There’s room for all of you, but in the end it’s up to y’all. You gotta want to be here. Okay? I’m proud of y’all.”


    1. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!
      So nice to see “big girls” having their time on the dance floor.
      Sadly, the world of dance was long ago, over-taken by (men) who promoted the “sickly skinny girl” look…. Like, big girls have no talent/you have to be anorexic to be successful in that creative world??? Umm.. NO, as we are finding out!!! Thank you Lizzo for turning that ship around and showcasing talent with a booty!

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