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    It Get’s Real In B.A. The Great Visuals For “Trap Krazy”

    ATL’s brand new talent B.A. The Great caught the attention of the legend Mike WiLL Made It,who vibed with B.A. so much that he teamed up with him to executive produce Cross Town, B.A.’s forthcoming debut mixtape.

    As a formal introduction to the rapper, he shares manic, grainy black-and-white video for “Trap Krazy,” a wild but relatable story about the irresistible temptation to act reckless when you acquire a little money.

    Packed with pearls of wisdom and rhythmic hooks, Cross Town tells a story of redemption, detailing the lengths B.A. forced himself to go through to keep himself alive. The mixtape features production from Mike WiLL,Go Grizzly, Lo Get Em, Few Beats, and others, Cross Town arrives late November via EMPIRE.

    Cross Town Tracklist:
    1) Everyday Struggle [Produced by Few Beats]
    2) Lord Forgive Me [Produced by Lo Get Em]
    3) Anyway [Produced by Go Grizzly]
    4) Buss Partner [Produced by Few Beats]
    5) Trap Krazy [Produced by Lo Get Em]
    6) Nah Fr [Produced by Trap Fanatics]
    7) The Last Supper [Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and Resource (Eardrummers)]
    8) Day 1 [Produced by Cash Clay Beats]
    9) 220 Drip [Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and 30 Roc (Eardrummers)]
    10) Walked In [Produced by Young Bless]
    11) Ballin [Produced by Andre Moss, Scooly (Eardrummers), Glo, and Bobo Swae]
    12) Certified [Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and 30 Roc (Eardrummers)]

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