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    Is The Use Of CBD Allowed In Cosmetics?

    CBD-Infused Cosmetics

    Cosmetics infused with CBD have taken the beauty industry by storm. There is the widest choice of products ever on sale, starting from day/night face creams to lotions and serums. This hype has been caused by numerous studies proving the beneficial effects of CBD on a wide array of skin conditions, specifically psoriasis, eczema, or acne, inflammation, redness, sensitivity, signs of aging. The greatest thing in favour of this hyped ingredient in cosmetics over all the other ingredients is that it is organic and natural and is not likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. However, before you decide to include it into your daily skin routine, it would be a great idea to research on its best possible dosage, side effects and long-term benefits.

    Though the research is still anecdotal, the existing one shows that CBD is quite safe for human use, and what is more, possesses therapeutic effects. Before else, CBD is non-psychoactive and will never get you high.

    What Are the Beneficial Effects of CBD?

    The excitement around CBD infused skincare products is mainly aroused by its numerous beneficial effects. The discoveries in this respect are quite encouraging.

    Due to its antioxidant features, CBD can inhibit cell damage, thus improving and inverting the aging signs on the skin. It also possess soothing, skin-calming, and skin-repairing properties which are best of the best for irritated, sensitive, allergy-prone skin. CBD infused skincare products pamper your skin, making it feel comfortable and taken care of.

    The next no less important medicinal effect of CBD on skin is due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Their effect is visible on such skin conditions as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. It can also better the condition of skin cancer, though more high-quality research is necessary to say it with full certainty.

    Finally, CBD is also deemed to possess hydrating effects which is really something for dehydrated skin.

    Taking all the aforementioned and many more facts into consideration, the beauty industry caught onto this hot new ingredient. A great number of comprehensive studies and claims sparked their interest.

    Is CBD Safe and Secure?

    Current research on CBD reveals that it is safe and, in most cases, very effective. But some CBD studies make mixed and sometimes misleading claims concerning its effectiveness, or possible harms. Given the wide variety of products readily available online or in the stores, you may think it is devoid of any side effects. This may be the case, but better safe than sorry. There may be some risks worth knowing before involving CBD into your daily skincare routine.

    When taken by mouth, CBD can damage your liver or cause kidney disturbance. However, whether it can have the same effect if applied to the skin is not clear. It is unclear how much CBD the skin absorbs.

    While using CBD creams, serums, lotions, be careful as you may develop a rash. But it may not necessarily be because of the CBD.

    The FDA warns against using CBD in any form when pregnant or breastfeeding.

    In any case, before trying any CBD oil potency, make sure to read the labels very carefully, look for the list of active ingredients to see whether there is a trace of THC in them, purchase the products from a reputable company with favorable reviews and transparent third-party lab test results. Having considered all the aforementioned tips, it will still be great to talk to the health professionals about your decision.

    Is CBD Legal in Cosmetics?

    Yet, despite all the undeniable benefits and popularity of CBD skincare beauty products and cosmetics, it is interesting to get a line on the question: is it legal or FDA-approved?

    So far only leaf extracts were allowed to be infused in cosmetics in EU, but since 2021 CBD along with its leaves and flowers, has been allowed, considering it non-drug. Thus, naturally derived (pure) CBD and extracts from leaves that contain CBD is more widely present in beauty products. This is really the type of news that makes your day. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but such kind of tangible results are already a triumph. But this does not mean that cosmetic brand are free to make and market CBD as they wish. To market skincare and beauty products containing CBD, the following 3 conditions have to be fulfilled: the ingredient must be derived from a hemp plant, grown by a licensed raiser, and must contain less than 0,3% THC. But marketing CBD is still illegal if it is added to foods or sold as a dietary supplement.

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