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    Megan Thee Stallion Accused of Making Cameraman Watch Sex Act

    The former cameraman has filed suit against the Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion. The lawsuit states that the rapper created a hostile work environment and harassed the man.

    The individual named Emilio Garcia reports that while filming on the tour stop in Ibiza an June 2022, “defendant constituency forced Mr. Garcia to see her in the moving vehicle with another woman perming a sexual act on each other.” Moreover, the unknown environment around him that was moving physically and mentally made the man feel uncomfortable. In addition, Garcia is suffering because he was “shocked” and “embarrassed and mortified” .

    Before that, Garcia had been working for Megan Thee stallion for a long period. Specifically, the criminal reports note that before the assault, Garcia had been employed by Megan Thee stallion from 2018 to 2023. It is added in the lawsuit that the artist also requested the cameraman to stay quiet concerning the discussed occurrence. Furthermore, the cameraman was also a target of the artist’s abusive treatment with the use of pejorative language.

    The lawsuit has just been started, and Megan Thee Stallion has not commented on the allegations. However, the legal process will most probably follow by the discovery and collection of evidence in a discovery phase. After that, there will be the deposition procedures, and a trial can be also held.

    This potential occurrence would then put a ding in Megan Thee Stallion’s public image. She had to cancel a fundraising event for this reason. Nowadays, accusations of harassment of any kind against anyone are taken more seriously.

    This lawsuit, I believe, emphasizes the complexities of workplace harassment, especially when celebrities and employees are involved. Questions about the divide at work, regardless of industry, swarm about.

    It’s crucial to notice that these accusations are from a lawsuit. Instead, the court will decide what truly occurred.

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