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    Is Pornhub Actually Traffickinghub?

    Serious Allegations

    Is Pornhub actually Traffickinghub? Activists are making serious allegations. They claim that some videos uploaded to Pornhub are actually of trafficking victims or rape. “An abundance of concrete evidence has revealed systemic issues at Pornhub involving non-consensual porn, trafficking, child-sex abuse material and rape,” the nonprofit Exodus Cry says. “Recent news reports, arrests, third-party research and stories from countless victims have all corroborated the same conclusion—that Pornhub gives a platform for abusers and predators, and profits from the abuse.”

    Rose’s Story

        Pornhub claims it has changed. Activists are unconvinced. Rose Kalemba, who was raped at 14, discovered that videos of the rape were uploaded to the site. Despite multiple attempts, it took her posing at a lawyer to get them removed from the site. In an interview with BBC, Ms. Kalemba says “I sent Pornhub begging emails. I pleaded with them. I wrote, ‘Please, I’m a minor, this was assault, please take it down.'” Pornhub never replied. The videos remained up, and continued to receive downloads. 


        The allegations lead to Visa and Mastercard reevaluating their relationship with the company. It remains to be seen what other changes, if any, occur. Meanwhile, nonprofits like Exodus Cry and activists like Rose Kalemba continue the fight. 

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