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    Ariana Grande’s Merch Leaks 6 Singles for “eternal sunshine” Era

    Ariana Grande’s “Eternal Sunshine” Era Gets Even Brighter with Potential Six-Single Leak

    The Ariana GrandeEternal Sunshine” era keeps on giving. Just when fans thought they had consumed all the of the critically acclaimed March eighth album. A recent leak of merchandise has people speculating about a possible six-single rollout;

    Even as the album itself became a pop culture phenomenon, it mad perfect pop, R&B, and dance and entirely appeased music fans, Grande continued to assert her vocal abilities and create songs with human topics people could relate to on all levels; the original first three singles, “Yes, And?,”″We Can’t Be Friends ” and “The Boy Is Mine”

    But the anticipation for the next tracks is through the roof. As of late, a new revelation on Grande’s official merch site piqued interest among the fans. Since the phrase “eternal sunshine era” is featured on a few items, it’s possible that the star has six singles hidden up her sleeve. There is no confirmation from the artist herself, but the web is filled with allegations about possible songs.

    Meanwhile, speculation on the Internet has been rife. One of the major front-runners is the highly popular title track “Eternal Sunshine.” Similarly, “Supernatural” has been doing well among the fans, and as reported by Billboard, it charts within the top 100. Additionally, “Don’t Wanna Break Up Again” was met with considerable exultations and well-received reviews making it a strong potential.

    The rest of the probable singles are among aces as well. The chart-topping triumvirate “Yes, And?”, “We Can’t Be Friends,” “The Boy Is Mine” is joined by presumed title-track “Eternal Sunshine,” and candidate for top 100 single, the wildcard “Imperfect for You.” The “Imperfect for You” track is believed to be a bonus track in the deluxe edition.

    In the meantime, fans dissect every breadcrumb, be it merchandise details or cryptic online teasers, to figure out the imperial how long can retrieve “eternal sunshine”. Negotiation battles are being fought: which song is the cover of each? Some fans are celebrating singlehood with their favorite songs based on its performance in the charts or its direct connection to the box’s thematic issue. Others are rooting for the possibility of unforeseen twists, such as a cover of an old theme or a full album of “The Boy Is Mine.”

    Of course, it is important to note that this is all rampant speculation and clandestine handwriting. The utmost authority on the singles lies with Ms. Grande and all her entourage. For those who are desperate to know what goes on behind the curtain at all times, your best friend will be her social media pages and the music news website of your choice. The future singles and the “eternal sunshine” era’s fate are bound to be officially announced soon, and it is something that will shake the internet to its core. In the meantime, Arianators, keep your source in the shade, there may be more to expect.

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