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    Insecurities In Black Women: 5 Ways To Maintain Self-Reassurance

    Being a WomaInsecurities are little inanities that are commonly intrinsic in humanistic behavior and nature. Feelings of self-doubt, anxiety about relationship with others and uncertainty are examples of what an insecurity actually is. Though both men and women experience feelings of inferiority, Black women are more prone to have such feelings.

    How Being a Woman Works

    Surely, women are a walking combustion of emotion and passion, thus feelings of insecurities loom. There are a multitude of reasons a woman may feel any negative way about herself, which is common and natural.

    How Being a Black Woman Works

    Whereas, simply being a woman is a personal struggle, being a Black woman is a personal and social struggle.

    Having kinky hair and broad noses seem to be a threat to society, triggering Black women to feel more challenged to defy odds.

    According to Essence, Black women are amongst the most educated group in the United States. In spite of being scholarly, Black women still suffer far more inferiority complexes than white women.

    Fortunately, there are ways to easily pinpoint triggers and ways to cope with feelings of inferiority.

    5 Things Black Women Are Insecure about and How to Find Self-Reassurance

    1. Being Black In A White World

    Undoubtedly, Black women are subject to prejudices pertaining to appearance related to their skin color and ethnic features. Surely, this can be inevitable to avoid; however, practicing self-love overshadows the objection of hate.

    2. Colorism

    Colorism within the Black community is the comparison of skin tones among black Women. Having light skin is seen by society as being honorable is some manner, leaving women with darker tones feeling insecure. The practice of communicating and sharing compliments should help break the ice of Black women loving each other more.

    3. Black Men

    Of course, Black women have undying love for Black men. When Black men lose their lives to police brutality and gang violence, Black women become insecure about having children or falling in love with a Black man. Coping with these fears seem impossible; however, being sure to vote more people of color in office who have the best interest of Black men helps.

    4. Work

    The workplace can be the most intimidating place for a Black woman, especially in the corporate world. Natural hair and shapely figures are less common in the corporate world, leaving successful black women feeling like “too much” at work. There are ways to combat other folk’s perspective. Practice self-love and confidence, focusing on work and standing firm in who you are.

    5. Social Media

    In a world like this, being perfect is more sought out than ever. Black women are experimenting with body enhancing, appearing with perfect bodies overnight. For most women, achieving such unrealistic standards of beauty aren’t within reach. The best way to overcome these insecurities is by logging off—it’s not real.


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