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    Houston’s Plentiful Sex Workers Are Being Targeted By Killers

    A Villain’s Victim: Felicia Johnson

    According to the YouTube video posted to Fox 26 Houston‘s YouTube account about the recent missing person’s case of a California woman who was visiting Houston, Felicia Johnson. There are currently an estimated 70-80,000 people selling sex in Houston. Allegedly, a client murdered Felicia Johnson after she conversed with him via Snapchat.

    The conditions of the last few years due to the pandemic have been fertile for the illicit trade to grow in size and also more secretive. In turn, predators, like the man who is assumed to have murdered and dismembered Johnson, view these vulnerable people as convenient victims. According to Kathryn Griffin of Houston law enforcement, “Anybody can become a victim of a villain.”

    Help Is Available

    Moreover, those like Griffin urge folks in precarious life circumstances to reach out to the police for help. “It’s very vitally important that individuals know to reach out to us so that we can help!”
    Texas law enforcement as a whole do seem eager to stop the industry, which is booming in their state. In fact, Texas is second only to California in terms of volume of sex trafficking according to estimates. In 2021, Texas was the first state in the U.S. to make the solicitation of sex a felony in an effort to stamp out demand.

    Tracked and Tricked

    Opportunistic killers have been targeting sex workers in Houston for years. In May 2022, a former security guard was sentenced for murdering two women over the course of a decade.
    Hopefully highlighting sex trafficking and missing person in cities like Houston will prevent future cases like that of Felicia Johnson.

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