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    HBK Halo Disclosed New Single “MELIODAS”

    HBK Halo released his newest single, “MELIODAS.” Released in August of this year, the single brings a delicious combination of soft and quiet melody with strong lyrics, which provides a comfortable sensation to the ears. Well-arranged rhymes, an excellent job on the vocals, and an enveloping beat make “MELIODAS” a great song to add to that playlist full of good hip-hop.

    HBK Halo had a conversation with us and responded to our unique 3 Questions. Take a look below.

    HYPEFRESH: Let’s begin by introducing ourselves. You know the essentials, like your name, age, and where you’re from, as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing.

    HBK Halo: I go by the name HBK Halo. I’m 21 years old and from Winston-Salem, NC. 

    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, “MELIODAS”?

    HBK Halo: This song is one of my favorites that I’ve made so far, and I try to make my music an experience like the calm before the storm. You can hear what I mean from the jump at 0:35 seconds into the song. 

    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?

    HBK Halo: The thing I like most about being an artist is being in the studio and getting ready to put in work. It just feels like home, you know. I can speak my mind, play with my voice, see what sounds good and doesn’t, and make it flow together like magic. Making music is what I want to do with my life. I can only work 12hr shifts for a while.

    Stream “MELIODAS” on Spotify

    Connect with HBK Halo: Spotify | YouTube | Instagram 

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