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    Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson’s Return Praised Amongst NBA

    Many cheered and rejoiced among the NBA to hear Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson name called before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. One of the biggest roars ever from the Chase Center’s crowd was 941 days in the making. Thompson has been robbed of two years and some change of basketball due to Achilles and ACL injury. This absence tested his mental and physical abilities, however, in his season debut he recorded 17 points in just 20 minutes.


    Thompson’s return and the debut of the 2021 season for the Golden State Warriors was one to remember. He received a warm and enthusiastic welcome, befitting a hero.

    “I will always cherish the reception we received from the Warriors fans, especially myself,” Thompson expressed. “It was incredibly enjoyable, and all the hard work and dedication in the gym and during training paid off. Every moment was worthwhile.

    “I won’t say it’s the same as winning a championship,” Thompson added, referring to the feeling of that night. “But man, it was pretty darn close.”

    Thompson’s last game prior to his return for the Golden State Warriors

    Thompson’s previous game was in the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. He started off a bit out of form, missing a couple of shots he typically makes. However, he soon found his rhythm and went on a scoring spree, sinking three consecutive shots in a quick burst. Thompson managed to contribute seven points in the third quarter.

    One would think, after missing 177 straight games, any shooter would be hesitant to shoot. Thompson showed no hesitation in taking shots, astonishingly attempting 18 shots in just 20 minutes.

    “That’s classic Klay Thompson,” deadpanned Stephen Curry.

    Thompson wasn’t as efficient as he normally is. He shot three for eight from three-point land, however, he scored his 12,000th career point and made his 1,800th three-pointer. The biggest takeaway of the night seems to be when Thompson took off past Jarrett Allen and dunked on Lauri Markkanen and Dylan Windler towards the end of the first half.

    That dunk proved Thomspon is still someone to watch out for. He showed the explosiveness he once had still remained and he’s ready to show it off.

    “I’ll never forget that dunk,” remarked Golden State center Kevon Looney. “Throughout Klay’s time here, when he had healthy knees and Achilles, I don’t recall seeing him dunk like that.”

    It’s more than just a game

    Thompson scored within his first 40 seconds in the game to score his first basket.

    “After that went in, I thought it might be one of those nights where I might be unconscious,” Thompson said.

    “The reception from the Warriors fans, especially myself, is something I’ll never forget. It was an absolute blast and made all the hard work and dedication worthwhile. Whether it was training in the gym, pushing through conditioning days, or giving my all on the shuttle board, every single moment was worth it.”Thompson emphasized that Sunday’s return meant more for his mental state than a physical state. The battle of being locked out of something you love due to injury can be a toll mentally on one’s body.

    “To think that I can still pull off that [dunk] and find my sweet spots to shoot?” Thompson expressed. “Things can only improve from here.”Thompson waved cheering fans and clapped along with them in praise of this long day coming. Almost like a wrestler or boxer entering a ring before an anticipated match. He slowly began to get into his shooting routine and fans roared as he made each one of his shots.

    “I could feel that energy when he stepped on the court,” commented Curry. “The first four shots he made, I had to pinch myself. It felt like we were in a real game. The crowd was going wild.”

    “I’m filled with joy at this moment,” expressed Thompson. “Although I didn’t shoot as well as I hoped, just seeing my name on the stat sheet and all the stats again brings me immense happiness.”


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