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    Gold Spectacles Share’s New Track Titled “Anywhere Else”

    The Gold Spectacles Band is proud to present its new song, “Anywhere Else,” directly from the United Kingdom. Gold Spectacles creates the notes that will envelop you with mastery and delicacy, painting smiles, the sun, and flowers in chalk along the road you will share in those precious minutes.

    This song has a soft voice and is very typical of pop, thus alternating between masculine and feminine, making the music suitable to hear. It brings a vibrant and happy proposal, and it is unlikely that you will remain sad after listening to this beautiful song, thus awakening pure and true feelings and emotions while listening to this work of art.

    Accept that distance means nothing, and enjoying these flavors is an exciting event that only amazing music can provide.

    Stream “Anywhere Else” on Spotify 

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