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    Hershel Walker News: Former RB Denies Abortion Allegations

    Herschel Walker, the Georgia football legend, recently refuted allegations from his ex-girlfriend regarding payment for an abortion more than a decade ago. Lalee Ibssa and Lucien Bruggeman for Yahoo Sports reported this.

    Walker is attempting to run for U.S. Senate and has been adamant about his stance on anti-abortion, therefore, making him a hypocrite if the allegations are true. Either way, this will affect his campaign trail.

    Herschel Walker, a Republican, quickly denied the accusation and intended to pursue legal action for defamation against the Daily Beast, the publication that initially reported the story.

    Walker defending himself during his ex-girlfriend’s “smear campaign” attempt, appeared on Fox News. Ultimately, he issued denial details and how this allegation couldn’t have been confirmed.

    What Evidence is Presented to Prove Hershel Walker Did It?

    While the woman remains unidentified, the Daily Beast reported Monday, said she sought a medical abortion after the couple conceived in 2009.

    She even went as far as showing a receipt from an abortion clinic. As well as a bank deposit receipt with an image of $700 signed by Walker. Not to mention, a get-well card was also signed by Hershel Walker.

    This information is very incriminating, and while it could have been forged and faked, it doesn’t seem likely. However, ABC News couldn’t confirm the Daily Beast’s reporting.

    Why is Walker so against the abortion allegations?

    Walker carved out a distinct anti-abortion position throughout his campaign for U.S. Senate. He’s aligned with Sen. Lindsey Graham, that would institute a national ban on abortions after 15 weeks, per Yahoo Sports.

    As a result, Walker was attacked by his son Christian Walker. His son is an established outspoken conservative with a social media presence and a podcast. 

    Christian Walker, expressing his frustration, revealed that despite numerous pleas from their family, Herschel Walker chose to disregard their concerns and publicly disclose his controversial history, all while being dishonest about it.

    This has led Christian Walker to reach a point of finality and detachment.

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