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    Final Suspect Charged in Jam Master Jay Murder, 21 Years After His Death

    Family of Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ and founding member of Run-DMC hip hop collective, have finally had justice done 21 years after Jam Master Jay’s murder. A final suspect has now been brought up on charges in relation to Jam Master Jay’s slaying.

    U.S. Marshals arrested James Lloyd, 57, of Queens, New York on Tuesday June 7 on charges of murder, attempted murder and weapons possession against Jason Mizell known by his name of Jay. Lloyd is believed to have shot Jay in the head at his recording studio on October 30, 2002 at Queens.

    Valerie Jones, Jay’s mother, expressed relief that justice had finally been served after an extended and difficult journey with law enforcement officials who refused to abandon this case. Valerie thanked law enforcement officials who never gave up and helped facilitate her son’s justice.

    Jay was one of the most revered DJs ever, helping shape hip hop through Run-DMC albums like Raising Hell which are considered classics today.

    Lloyd’s arrest marks an important development in the investigation into Jay’s murder, but there remain numerous unanswered questions – why did Lloyd kill Jay, was he acting alone, etc. These may never be fully answered but Jay’s family can finally begin healing now that his killer has been brought to justice.

    Jay Lives On

    Jay’s legacy lives on in his music and his impactful role within hip hop culture. Through Run-DMC and other endeavors, his influence can still be heard today – his death was a monumental loss for all in hip hop.

    Jay was beloved by fans worldwide and is still beloved today. His work with Run-DMC helped popularize hip hop music and his signature scratching technique is used today by DJs. Jay was also an important mentor figure to young DJs; many top DJs today can point back to him as an influence.

    Jay had an undeniable impact on hip hop culture. He was an influential pioneer, legend, and inspiration to many; his death is undoubtedly a great loss but his legacy will live on for generations to come.

    Families Gain Closure

    Jay’s family have found relief knowing his murderer will finally face justice and they are grateful to law enforcement officials who never abandoned this case.

    “Our family is extremely grateful to the police and prosecutors for all of their hard work and dedication,” stated Sonia Mizell, Jay’s sister. “We never gave up hope that justice would prevail – now, it finally has!”

    Jay’s family is now focused on healing and moving on. They are planning a memorial service in his honor and working to establish a foundation in his memory that can assist young people interested in music.

    Mizell stressed the importance of carrying on Jay’s legacy by helping other young people follow their own dreams as Jay did. “Our aim is to preserve his memory,” Mizell concluded. “And to give other youngsters an opportunity to achieve what he did.”

    James Lloyd’s arrest marks an important development in the investigation of Jay’s murder, but many questions still remain: why did Lloyd kill Jay, was he acting alone or did others contribute? Although these questions may never be fully answered, Jay’s family can finally begin healing now that his killer has been brought to justice.

    Jay will forever leave a mark on hip hop culture through his music, leaving behind an immeasurable legacy that lives on through his music and impact on its community. Now his family are focused on healing and moving on; they have plans for a memorial service for him.

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