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    Films To Watch To Support The BLM Movement

    The death of George Floyd last month triggered widespread anger regarding racial injustice experienced by people of color. Along with protests and petitions, people have been offering resources that can educate others on the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    A way to see what black Americans go through daily when it comes to racial injustice can be seen through movies. Movies have been featuring injustice for years before the movement started. Watching the movies on these heavy topics can help you better understand the issues at hand and to learn how to be better allies to black Americans.

    #1 The Hate You Give 


    This movie is a must-watch because it shows that in today’s day and age there is a division between white and black people. The story revolves around Starr Carter, a girl who faces challenges balancing her life in a predominantly black, low-income neighborhood and a predominantly white, affluent school. This movie also features a friend of her that experiences police brutality. As a result of her friend’s death, people start to speak out for change. 

    #2 Stay Woke

    This is a documentary-style film and is a must-watch if you want to understand the history behind the Black Lives Matter movement. This movie will show the events that led to creating the movement and what led to the uprise of the movement. 

    #3 13th

    This is another documentary-style film. This film explores topics like race, justice, and mass incarceration and how these topics are all connected. It is heavily focused on the 13th amendment and how it changed the lives of black people going from slaves to criminals. It connects the amendment to the disproportionately filled prisons with African-Americans. 

    #4 Pride

    This movie is more on the light-hearted side, it has a comedic feeling while still exploring the tough subjects. This film follows an all-black swim team and shows how it was a struggle for them to be taken seriously. They faced racial inequality, and violence as the swim teams tried to be saved. It shows a positive message that even in the darkest times you need to preserve if you want to see change. 

    Have you seen any of these films? 

    Let us know in the comments. 

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