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    Fedex Asked The Washington “Redskins” To Change Names

    FedEx to the Washington “Redskins” “change your name”.

    The Washington Redskins may need a new sponsor for their stadium after FedEx asked them to change their name. FedEx becomes the first major sponsor to make a request on behalf of social justice.

    Via a statement, FedEx let the world know that it was standing up to Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

    “We have asked the Washington team to change their name.”

    The Redskins remain one of few teams in professional sports that still uses racist characters or animations of minorities. In fact, ESPN analyst Bomani Jones caught slack when he wore a mock “Caucasian” shirt while on air.

    However, that was Jones’s intention in the first place, to show the irony of white people being offended by the logo.

    For years the organization said that it didn’t change the name was because native Americans didn’t find it offensive. Yet that appears to be far from the truth, as the National Congres Of American Indians have come out against the use of the name.

    As news began spreading of Fedex’s request to The Washington Redskins to change their name. Fans, of course, began sharing their personal favorites and it appears the Washington Warriors is an early favorite.

    Some fans had some other suggestions

    Whatever they change the name to really doesn’t matter, the real issue is about breaking down institutional and systematic racism. Statues being taken down shows being canceled, and even a football team changing its names is nice.

    That’s not what Black people are asking for though, we are asking for justice and reform, let’s not lose sight of that.

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