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    Elon Musk’s ‘Scorched-Earth Letter’ to Warner Bros. Over Amber Heard

    The saga of Amber Heard and her complicated divorce from Johnny Depp continues to play out in the press. Embarrassing documents from Heard’s defamation trial with Depp surfaced on Reddit recently. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have saved Heard’s role in the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster hit Aquaman.

    Elon Musk’s Letter to Warner Bros.

    Heard was originally going to be dropped from the film due to lack of chemistry with star Jason Momoa. But that is when Musk reportedly stepped in to save the day. He had one of his litigators send a letter to Warner Bros.

    They threatened to burn the studio down if Heard wasn’t brought back for the sequel. That was enough to convince the studio not to ax her. She will reportedly return in a much pared-down role in the sequel.

    Heard claimed in court that she was treated like a pariah on set of Aquaman. The director and Jason Momoa allegedly blamed her for her legal battle with Johnny Depp. She also claimed that Wan had a public relations campaign against her.

    This allegedly lead to a hostile work environment. The therapy notes Heard revealed in her lawsuit painted a similar picture. The actress claiming she felt unsupported by both Wan and Momoa.

    But sources tell Variety that the decision to drop Heard from Aquaman 2 was made long before the Depp dispute erupted in 2019. They say that Wan and the studio decided Heard didn’t have the right chemistry with Momoa and that they were hesitant to bring her back for a sequel.

    But they were afraid of what Heard might do if she was fired and had her name removed from the credits, and they feared losing out on potential box office receipts. Sources also say that at least two scenes featuring Heard as Mera were cut from the new film.

    It is unlikely that Heard will promote the movie much in the immediate future as she and Momoa are currently unable to go on the promotional circuit because of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. But once that ends, the pair will likely be able to begin promoting the film together.

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