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    Elijah Stewart: HypeFresh Highlights Artist At L.O.U.D Junket

    Elijah Stewart is a music and visual artist from Denver, Colorado. He currently performs with Afton Shows. He often showcases his visual art at The Denver Art Society. Elijah Stewart’s first album, Hills, released on July 4, 2020. It’s a psychedelic production with captivating lyrics. Stewart wants to take his listeners on a journey to redemption, love and triumph. You can hear Elijah Stewart in January on his Mile High Podcast via Rocky Mountain Open Media and Denver open media.

    HypeFresh Highlights Elijah Stewart

    Who is Elijah Stewart?

    Elijah Stewart: I’m a man of many tools. I am more or less an artist meaning that I express myself through many means.

    What direction is your music going?

    ES: My direction is elevating my sound, my last album, Hills Have Eyes, is on all platforms. We just got done shooting a music video for Hills Have Eyes. It’s an amazing video, you guys are going to love it. Girls are going to love it. If you’re a guy and you’re into that, you’re going to love it. It’s a dope video, I risked limb, body and spirit in the Denver cold to shoot this video, and it is a beautiful video you guys will love.

    Do you want to remain Indie or do you want to crossover?

    ES: I’m looking for a label, I’m looking to be in the industry. I’m trying to branch out, meet new people, get to know the vibes in every city. What I learned is that every city has its own sound, its own feel. Growing up, I took sound from every place I was from. So, If I’m signed, I want to go visit, tour. I want to do a whole bunch of stuff with people. And, make dope a** music. If you listen to my album, it’s dope. The next album is going to be even better.

    What is your Instagram? 

    @elimilehigh303, you can find me on all streaming platforms.

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