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    This is Drug Dealers Unplugged

    “Can I get some work?”
    “On my way.”

    And, that’s how most conversations with your drug dealer goes (don’t lie, you’ve tried it at least once). After research, we found “Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Drug Dealer” thanks to ur friends at VICE.

    A ten-question interview with an actual drug dealer named Stephen, the questions are essentially what’s on every customer’s mind when meeting up with theirs.

    Here’s some of the questions that stood out to us. First, of course, everyone wants to know how their dealer got involved in this business. According to Stephen, he was once a customer, and consumed so much his dealer invited him into the other side.

    While every dealer’s path is different, our takeaway is this is the path for the majority of dealers. Segwaying into the next question: do dealers cut off clients once addicted? Surprisingly they do, or at least Stephen does.

    While you may or may not agree with Stephen’s career choice, like all humans, he does possess emotions, and can show compassion. But, then again, it’s Stephen’s fault that his clients are hooked in the first place.

    To round things out, the last question that stuck out was what Stephen hated most about the job. Well, besides it’s illegal, Stephen said his business hours are crazy. According to Stephen, there’s no set schedule with every day feeling like a Monday, but Friday being the business (pay day?). Stephen said he doesn’t sleep some days.

    All in all, the perspective of a drug dealer is an interesting one, but if there’s so many unreasonable variables pertaining to the job perhaps Stephen, and all dealers should switch careers. Then again, that wouldn’t solve anything as new people would assume their roles, and lucrative business.

    To find out the full extent of a drug dealer, read more here.

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