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    DaBaby Says Other Rappers Are Intimidated By His Rap Skills

    On just about every rap song out there, rappers feel it necessary to let listeners know they’re the best emcee ever. In doing so, the undermine the talents of their fellow colleagues. DaBaby let his fans know that he’s the best the rap game has to offer. In fact, he’s even denounced other rappers as talentless compared to him. Basically, the rapper thinks other emcees are intimidated by his “superior” rap skills.

                DaBaby Claims He’s Intimidated Other Rappers

    via Global News

    So many rappers like to boast about how they’re the best rappers in the music industry. While some truly are the best emcees and have earned their “flowers”, others still have a lot to prove. DaBaby rose to prominence in recent years and has released a couple of hit tracks as well. Additionally, he’s done a handful of features for artists. Due to his success, DaBaby believes he’s intimidated other rap stars in the industry.

    In a recent Instagram story, the rapper claimed that other artists were afraid to work with him “because they’re afraid he’ll ‘out rap’ them.” That’s plenty of bravado coming from the still-very-new-emcee. Though, there’s apparently some truth to his claims. DaBaby has two No. 1 albums, six Grammy nominations and several platinum certifications. If anything, the artist should have people lining up to work with him.

                DaBaby Increased His Feature Price

    via ABC News

    While DaBaby’s bravado comes off a little too strong for most, it’s not enough to scare away potential collaborators. However, his increased feature price might just have intimidated a lot of people. Back in February, the star revealed that he’s upped his price for a feature from $5K to now a whooping $300,000. That’s a huge increase that’ll scare the pants off of anyone.


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