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    Torey Lanez Want Smoke: Claims He’s The Best Rapper Alive

    Torey Lanez has decided that he is the best rapper alive. Umm, can we say flexing too hard?

    Every rapper wants the title of best rapper alive. However, Torey Lanez thinks that it belongs to him. Lanez went on Twitter recently to let the world know that he is the greatest hands down.


    Torey Lanez also did not stop there either. In addition to claiming king status, he named some rappers that he thinks he would trash. In particular, Lanez said that J.Cole and Pusha T could not hang with him, lyrically.

    But, this is not the first time that Lanez tweeted with his chest to the competition. He let Royce know that he is not the one to play with. He also went to war with Joyner Lucas. With Pusha T’s response, it looks like he might be next one to beef with Torey Lanez.

    Thus, we might be seeing another entertaining feud brewing in the rap community. Soon, we could even see some diss tracks. With both of these rappers being prideful, it might be the next big beef.

    But, let’s be honest. Do you think that Torey Lanez is the best? If not, who do you think will win between him and Pusha?


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