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    Rappers Respond to Eminem’s Album

    Eminem Dropped Surprise Album

    Eminem dropped a surprise album titledMusic To Be Murdered By. This is Eminem’s 11th studio album. The album features 20 songs that cover a range of topics. Check out this previous HYPEFRESH article for a review of Music To Be Murdered By.

    So far, this album has had a fair amount of commercial success in typical Slim Shady fashion. Since being released, there have been over 300,000 copies of the album >sold, which is the 10th time in a row that Eminem has debuted an album at No. 1. The song Godzilla” featuring recently deceased rapper Juice WRLD, has been a big hit.

    Eminem’s Still Calling Out Rappers

    His new album features a range of content, including songs such as “Darkness.” Which discusses the pressing issue of gun violence within the United States.

    Along with this, just as on any typical Slim Shady album, there are several songs featuring lines that call out other rappers. Eminem called out Machine Gun Kelly in the song “Killshot.” Along with this, he dissed Joe Budden in the song “Lock It Up” and called out the rapper Trippie Redd on the track “Marsh.”

    Rappers Respond to Eminem's Album

    Rappers Respond To Eminem’s Album

    When Eminem calls you out on one of his tracks, it is not necessarily something that goes unnoticed. But in reality, this is something that has lost a lot of its flare. All of these artists have responded to Shady’s call-outs on Music To Be Murdered By. But none of them seemed all too concerned.

    Machine Gun Kelly responded to “Killshot” with a track of his own called “FLOOR 13”. MGK goes to say that he was unfazed by the call out. Whereas Joe Budden went to laugh off the diss and remark that he does not need to waste time being mad at one of the best rappers. Additionally, Trippie Redd responded with a post to his Instagram story eluding to the fact that it’s pretty odd that Eminem is nearly 50 years old and is still calling out people who just turned 20.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Eminem’s newest album has been able to gain commercial success. Along with this, he kept up his typical routine of calling out other rappers. It is pretty odd that someone who is nearly 50 years old is still concerning themselves with creating beef.

    Especially when it comes to people not even half his age, it would seem that the people he calls out don’t even seem to mind it too much nowadays. But you can’t blame Eminem. If he’s able to put out an album and make a lot of money off of them, then why would he stop?

    What do you guys think, though?

    WasMusic To Be Murdered By another hit album by Eminem? Were his diss tracks all that good? Or should he leave this type of stuff for people who won’t be collecting pensions soon?

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