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    Troy Ave’s Body Guard Shot and Killed in 2016: Rapper Taxstone found guilty

    Troy Ave’s body guard was shot and killed in 2016 after a feud with rapper Taxstone came to a head backstage at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza in New York City. A grand jury has convicted Taxstone of manslaughter, assault and weapon possession for the incident. He was found guilty of the shooting in 2016.

    The trial has been a big topic of conversation in the hip-hop world since it started. However, it’s also been a huge topic of mourning for McPhatter’s family, who want justice in this case.


    A man who is alleged to have killed McPhatter was found guilty of manslaughter on Thursday, March 23. The person was identified as Daryl Campbell, also known as Taxstone.

    Update: A jury has convicted Daryl Campbell, aka Taxstone, on charges of manslaughter, assault and criminal possession of a weapon for the shooting of BSB affiliate Ronald “Banga” McPhatter in 2016. The incident happened at a T.I. concert in New York in May of 2016, and left three others injured.

    After the incident occurred, Troy Ave sued the venue and Live Nation over their lack of security. They claim that fans were trampled during the melee after the shots fired.

    When will the violence stop?

    Several months after the incident, the rapper released his song “Black Church” — a diss track that was aimed at Taxstone. The song is accompanied by a video of the Brooklyn-based rapper rhyming in front of a church, according to XXL.

    The diss song is reportedly an attempt to dissuade Taxstone from testifying against him. The former Loud Speakers Network podcast host was expected to testify on Monday against Troy Ave, but had to bail out because of a previous arrest.

    Prosecutors argued that Campbell was a flight risk and a danger to his community. They claimed that he had a history of gang involvement, and cited two felony convictions. But Campbell’s lawyer argued that the prosecution’s statements about his past were taken out of context. He disputed their allegations that he was a member of a dangerous gang, and suggested that the evidence didn’t show that he was “most culpable.”

    What now for Taxstone?

    A murder charge needs to be determined by an intent to cause death. But for a manslaughter charge, the intent must be to cause serious physical injury.

    In the end, the jury determined that he was guilty of manslaughter and that the intent was to kill McPhatter. The court also determined that he was legally carrying the firearm at the time of the incident, so he must have been a participant in the fight, reports Shawn Setaro for The New York Post.

    The jury is expected to decide on the sentencing next month. It’s not yet clear how long Campbell will spend behind bars, but he could potentially serve up to 15 years in prison.

    Another member of the family, McPhatter’s elder sister, says they are still in shock from the incident and have nothing but grief for the loss of their brother. She says that her brother was the only one who took care of her and protected her, so losing him was a tragedy.

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