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    Court Confirms Bow Wow The Father Of A One-Year Old Boy

    Meet Stone Kamin

    Bow Wow is publicly known as a rapper and entertainer. Now he is the father of a one-year-old boy, Stone Kamin. According to documents given to The Neighborhood Talk, the court declares the little boy as the 34-year-old rapper’s biological son, and now many fans are surprised.

    Shared by The Neighborhood Talk.

    Last month, the actor was seen on Twitter doing a Q&A with fans when it led to Bow Wow getting asked if he would like to have more kids and his response was something many were not expecting.

    The Wrong Words Slip out

    “HELL NO im fine w Shai!” he said in his post.

    Many are coming to know who he was referring to. Clearly people know that he shares his daughter with model Joie Chavis. If that was not enough, fans ask another question, “Don’t you have a son?”

    The “Shortie Like Mine” artists responded back with, “NP Billie Jean for the 2nd time”. This is a classic reference to a song where Jackson denies being the father.

    The fact of the matter Bow Wow tweeted his answers the same day as Olivia Sky, Stone’s mother, filed for child support. With backlash for his posts, recently Bow Wow came forward regarding the situation.

    Rapper Speaks on Tweets

    In a statement, the rapper explained it as what he was listening to the news more than referring to his new father status, which many saw perfectly clear.

    “That’s me basically saying, like, ‘Yeah, I see the question but as of right now, I’m really cleaning up the crib and we just playing these ’90s jams,” said the rapper. “That’s actually what I was listening to at the time, I swear to God. But I would never deny my kid or anything like that.”

    There’s not much one can say about Bow Wow’s behavior towards his biological son; however, he has yet to come forward and follow up about the alleged paternity results.

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